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Ski Offers

Ski Offers

30th 31st March Late Availability Catered Chalets with Flights & Transfers


Late Availability. Catered Packages Including Flights and Transfers from £519pp

Prices are based on two people sharing a twin room in a Catered Chalet.  Please read the individual chalet descriptions for catering services offered, as these may vary. LGW flights and transfers included unless otherwise indicated.

Sat 30th March - Sat 6th April

The Ski Lodge (sleeps 74) from £774pp
Chalet Cherrier (sleeps 19) from £779pp
Chalet Madeleine (sleeps 12) from £999pp
Chalet Premier Neige (sleeps 11 -15) from £649pp
Chalet Cristal1(sleeps 11) from £599pp
Maison Rose (sleeps 10) from £519pp
​​Chalet Arsellaz (sleeps 10) from £740pp
Chalet Cime Penthouse (sleeps 8 -10) from £899pp

Sun 31st March - Sun 7th April

Chalet Hotel Le Val d'isere (sleeps 84) from £699pp
Chalet Hotel Champs Avalins (sleeps 80-83) from £599pp
Chalet Hotel Chardons (sleeps 43) from £1,170pp
Club Bellevarde (sleeps 24) from £1,929pp
Club Aspen (sleeps 20) from £1,500pp
Chalet Bellevarde (sleeps 14) from £639pp
Chalet Roc Merlet (sleeps 14) from £639pp
Chalet Angelique (sleeps 12) from £729pp
Bellevarde Lodge Merlot (sleeps 12) from £1,500pp
Bellevarde Lodge Chablis (sleeps 12) from £1,909pp
Bellevarde Lodge Muscat (sleeps 12) from £1,879pp
Chalet Kanjiroba (sleeps 10) from £729pp
Grand Torsai (sleeps 10) from £1,190pp
Chalet Lucaval (sleeps 10) from £999pp
Chalet Bonneval (sleeps 8-10) from £899pp
Aspen Lodge Penthouse (sleeps 8) from £2,029pp
Aspen Lodge Suite (sleeps 8) from £1,999pp
Chalet Bonnevie (sleeps 7-8) from £899pp
Aspen Lodge Suite (sleeps 6) from £1999pp

Please note that late booking fees may apply if booked within 2 weeks of arrival.