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Ski Offers

Ski Offers

24/25th March. Catered Chalets with Flights/Transfers. Late Availability


24th & 25th March. Late Availability from £499pp

Prices include half board catering with wine served 6 nights out of 7, plus LGW flights and transfers unless otherwise indicated

Saturday 24th - 31st March

Dolomites (sleeps 24) from £399pp - various rooms left - no transport provided
Danielle (sleeps 11) from £734pp* (was £1,139pp) 8 beds left
Santons Solaise (sleeps 6) from £795pp (was £985pp) no transport provided

Sunday 25th March - 1st April
Champs Avalins (sleeps 80) from £499pp (was £839pp) various beds left
Chalet du Berger (sleeps 16) from £699pp (was £1,007pp) 4 beds left
Chalet Angelique (sleeps 12) from £799pp (was £1,229pp) 2 beds left
Chalet Bandire (sleeps 12) from £649pp (was £1,069pp) 4 beds left
Chalet Brunswick (sleeps 12) from £499pp (was £879pp) no transport provided
Chalet Sequoia (sleeps 120 from £560pp (was £749pp) no transport provided
Chalet Bonnevie (sleeps 7) from £649pp (was £989pp) 2 beds left

Please note that late booking fees, flight and room supplements may apply.
*Please add £55pp for in flight and resort taxes