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Ski Offers

Ski Offers

Easter 6/7th April Catered Chalets with Flights & Transfers Packages


Easter 6th/7th April. Catered. With Flights & Transfers

With such a busy week, we have put below everything we have available for your Easter holiday in Val d'Isere

Catered Chalets and Apartments
The prices are based on two people sharing a twin room and include LGW return flights and resort transfers (unless otherwise indicated) plus chalet catering 6 nights out of 7

Saturday 6th- 13th April

The Ski Lodge (sleeps 74) from £1,175pp
Chalet Hotel Chamois d'Or (sleeps 52) from £949pp
Chalet Hotel Lores (sleeps 26-33) from £899pp
Chalet Cherrier (sleeps 19) from £1,085pp
Chalet Premier Neige (sleeps 11-15) from £1,215pp
Chalet Cristal5 (sleeps 11) from £939pp
Chalet Cristal3 (sleeps 10) from £889pp
Chalet Cristal2 (sleeps 9) from £999pp
Chalet Sanville (sleeps 8) from £1,619pp

Sunday 7th - 14th April

Chalet Hotel Val d'Isere (sleeps 84) from £1377pp
Chalet Hotel Champs Avalins (sleeps 83) from £889pp
Ducs de Savoie (sleeps 76) from £1,519pp
Chalet Hotel Savoie (sleeps 62 - 87) from £1,419pp
Chalet Hotel Chardons (sleeps 43) from £1,010pp
Club Bellevarde with Pool (sleeps 24) from £1,979
Chalet du Berger (sleeps 16) from £1,291pp
Chalet Le Bel Air (sleeps 14) from £1,435pp
Chalet Roc Merlet (sleeps 14) from £1,435pp
Bellevarde Lodge Merlot (sleeps 12) from £1,929pp
Bellevarde Lodge Chablis with Pool (sleeps 12) from £1,959pp
Chalet Kanjiroba (sleeps 10) from £1,599
Chalet Bonneval (sleeps 8-10) from £1,239pp
Chalet Klosters (sleeps 8) from £1,829pp
Chalet Petit Ferme (sleeps 6-8) from £2,379pp
Aspen Lodge Suite with Hot Tub (sleeps 6) from £2,099pp
Aspen Lodge Suite (sleeps 6) from £2,049pp
Chalet La Face (sleeps 6) from £1,552pp
Grand Choucas (sleeps 5-8) from £2,379pp